Skyler Samuels Gifs.

All of these are made by me.

Like if you use.

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Rachel Skarsten Gifs.

Like if you use.

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Anonymous said: I love your blog your gif's are incredible just like you are hope you have a fantastic day.

Oh my gosh, thank you!

Anonymous said: Hi!! Wanted to know who's the girl in your sidebar gif? I really like your blog btw, much love! c: ♥xx

Just answered this.

Anonymous said: Who is the person in your side animation?

Alexis Knapp.

persevere-mm said: You. Rock. I love your blog. :)

Thank you!

Anonymous said: Can you find some Alice Cullen [Ashley Greene] GIFs please?

I’ve already done Ashley Greene, are you looking for gifs just of her as Alice Cullen?

“And we’re here to apologize to Quinn for slapping her across the face very, very hard.”